Nicole Wegner (*1982, Rostock) started early as an autodidactical trailer producer and worked for MTV, VIVA, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central in Berlin. Wegner graduated from Academy of Media Arts Cologne with her music documentary “Parallel Planes“. She is involved in various arts and culture projects in Cologne. As a founding member of the DIY space Baustelle Kalk and a music curator at the project room GOLD+BETON she is responsible for subcultural live concert programming and scene networking within the city. Wegner also produced various music videos and music related film works. She currently works as a music curator and filmmaker in Cologne.


                                                                                                                                                          Foto:  © by Caroline Kox

PressePic_01_Portrait_Nicole_Wegner_var_03PRICES / FESTIVALS / EXHIBITIONS

„Audience Award, Soundwatch Music Film Festival“ 2017  / „DOK Buster of DOK Leipzig“ 2017 / „Nomination: Goethe Institute Documentary Film Price“ 2017 / „Best Original Soundtrack” 2011, Asolo Art Film Festival  / „3rd Price of Jury, NRW” 2010, Unlimited European Short Film Festival  / „Special Jury Price”, 2008, LaMeko Festival  / „Animago Award: Best Music Video”, 2005.  / Cologne Culture Price 2016 / Cologne Club Award 2013
DOK Leipzig / Sheffield Doc/Fest / Revelation Perth International Film Festival / International Women Film Festival / Urban Nomad Festival Taipeh / DokStation Bucharest / Chicago Underground Film Festival / Unerhört Festival / See The Sound Festival / DAVE Festival / Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart / Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg / Cartoon Club International Animation Film Festival / BackUp Festival, Filmfest Oldenburg.
MHKA Antwerpen „Lodgers: Baumusik“, 2018  /  Lange Nacht der Museen Köln „KHM: Non Stop Kino“, 2011


2018              “China Light – Guan”  (music video, 5’, d: N.Wegner, M. Gossing, L.
                       “Pacific Drum – UMMN”  (music video, 5’, d: N.Wegner)
                       “Pebbles – Amigo Tropical”  (music video, 5’, d: N.Wegner)
                       “Cindy Moped Torture Doom”  (performance video, 8’, d: N.Wegner)
                       “Amber – UMMN”  (music video, 4’, d: N.Wegner)
                      “Electric Girl”  (fiction feature, 86’, d: Z. Riemann / editing assistance: N.
2017              “Polizeiruf 110 – Das Gespenst der Freiheit”  (TV fiction feature, BR, 88’, d:
                       J.Bonny / editing assistance: N. Wegner)
                       “Parallel Planes”  (documentary feature, 100’, d: N.Wegner)
2015              “Alaaf You”  (documentary feature, WDR, 90’, d: B. Aladag / editing
                       assistance: N. Wegner)
                      “Broke Vultures” – Camp Inc  (music video, 6’, d: N. Wegner)
2011              “KERN”  (animation short, 6′, d: N. Wegner)
2010              “In Particular”  (fiction short, 8’, d: N. Wegner)
                       “Wohlig Wittern”  (animation short, 7’, d: N. Wegner)
2009              “To Be Continued”  (animation short, 4’, d: N. Wegner)
                       “EFTBD”  (music video, 5’, d: N. Wegner)
                       “Kleine Brötchen”  (animation short, 4’, d: Marcus Zilz)
                       “Bärenjagd”  (animation short, 5’, d: S. Steinhorst)
2008              “Chiwoo”  (animation short, 4’, d: N. Wegner)
                       “Das Knäuel”  (animation short / 3 Sat Kurzspielfilm, 6’, d: S. Ganoff)
                       “Wup Wolgawahn – Schlammpeitziger”  (music video, 5′, d: N. Wegner)
2007              “Bridefeast”  (music video, 4’, D: N. Wegner)
2005              “When Red Lights Calling – Lockjaw”  (music video, 5′, d: N. Wegner)
2004 – now    over 50 TV-, theatrical trailer & festival trailer  (d: N. Wegner)